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Really actionable sharing and valuable set of tool recommendations! Three questions (if it's not too many :)

1. Which tools are the absolutely game changer for B2B startups with limited budget?

2. How do you recommend companies connect and store these data - via their own data warehouse, CRM or tools like Clay?

3. Can you elaborate a bit how do you leverage these data in targeting? It sounds like you can form certain account based scoring, but probably the more powerful thing to do is to create personalized campaign based on certain data?

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Thanks for reading and your comments @hila!

Here's some of my thoughts:

1. Clay and Waterfall are definitely among the top ones for value for money, even for startups with smaller budgets.

2. It depends on complexity, but I think you'll need a custom CRM config for medium complexity scoring and warehouse for more custom solutions

3. You can do all you mentioned. Build segmented email segments, score them accurately, and send them personalized emails based on your targeting criteria (e.g. role, what tech they use, what they posted recently on LinkedIn). Based on the same criteria in your segments, you could use MetaData to personalize retargeting ads, or Mutiny to serve personalized content and messaging in landing pages, or personalized chat messages via Drift or Intercom.

Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any other questions!

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Super helpful, thank you!

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Pure gold!

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Thanks so much Bei!

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